The Alliance is active in any case of racist or political repression.  These are generational issues that often overlap and intersect.  The Alliance focuses our efforts into a number of long-term campaigns, with clear and actionable goals.

Stop Police Crimes

The Alliance has drafted a bill currently in committee in Chicago City Hall which, if enacted, it will create a democratically elected Council to oversee the Chicago Police Department.  Learn more »


As we continue to build a mass movement in defense of our democratic rights we see the attacks against the immigrant community with the federal and local police being the forefront of mass deportations. So, we must raise the question what does it mean to have a sanctuary city, with rogue, racist cops who kill and trample on the rights of the people with impunity? Learn more


We defend workers, stand firmly in resistance to ongoing violent police crimes, organize demonstrations, and support all socially responsible labor unions.  Learn more »

Prisoner Rights

We intervene directly in emergency medical situations, cases of brutality and crimes committed by staff, and testify before state legislative committee hearings.  Learn more »