Demand Pardons for all Police Torture Survivors

Chicago Illinois is known as the “Police Torture Capital” of the United States. Illinois is the only state in the U. S. that has set up an official state Torture Inquiry and Relief Commission. Young people, almost all Black or Latinx, have been systematically tortured by police and been forced to falsely confess to crimes they did not commit. Most of the victims were children when they were tortured. Many are serving life sentences in prison without possibility of parole.

Governor Pritzker: you have the power to right this wrong with the stroke of your pen. Pardon all survivors of police torture! Free them all now!

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Elaine Clemons
Grace Patino
Rhonda Ward
Dennis Kreiner
Kathy Cummings
tony hintze
Julia Clare Cary
Abhishek Bhattacharyya
Kevin Tyson
Dagmar Schalliol
Rosemary Cade
Denise Spencer
Chris Vance
jordan eby
Alexan Martin-Eichner
Lillian Erickson
Noah Lepawsky
Kate Goetz
Jaela Hall
Jennifer DiFederico
Daisy Jones
Sam Meisfjord
Michael Aaron
Emma Marsano
Chloe Kenning
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Zhenya Polozova
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  • Elaine Clemons
    signed 2020-04-04 16:45:09 -0500
    I’m pissed off. With the horrible situation in the prison I will do what I can and working with others to stop putting the prisoners at high risk I am outraged at what I know they are doing I had made calls will continue to do so and more free Gerald reed …. putting the prisoners at high risk for the C virus is not only letting them die. I call it murder. I am so saddened
  • Grace Patino
    signed 2020-04-04 11:01:24 -0500
  • Rhonda Ward
    signed 2020-04-04 08:33:05 -0500
    Rhonda Ward please look at the evidence in the case of Michael Ward. There was no evidence he was in another place on camera at the time of the shooting, the judge did not honor the evidence that was there. The judge gave Michael Ward 84 years for nothing. When the shooting first happen the kids could not put Michael Ward at the time of the shooting, or Scene of the crime. There was evidence of corecion

    by the police. And still the judge refused to look at the evidence. We need more Justice when it come to the police. These are least of the problems, he has been tortured in jail!! Can you please look into this case with fairness and open eyes!! Sincerely Rhonda Ward
  • Dennis Kreiner
    signed 2020-04-03 08:13:02 -0500
    Dennis Kreiner
  • Kathy Cummings
    signed 2020-04-03 04:03:15 -0500
  • tony hintze
    signed 2020-04-02 20:07:05 -0500
    tony hintze
  • Julia Clare Cary
    signed 2020-04-02 19:36:02 -0500
  • Abhishek Bhattacharyya
    signed 2020-04-02 19:25:10 -0500
  • Kevin Tyson
    signed 2020-04-02 17:27:45 -0500
  • Dagmar Schalliol
    signed 2020-04-02 17:24:38 -0500
  • Rosemary Cade
    signed 2020-03-31 22:43:29 -0500
    I really think that the governor should release them immediately the ones with underlying conditions and the ones wrongly convicted. And torture
  • Denise Spencer
    signed 2020-03-24 16:02:08 -0500
  • Chris Vance
    signed 2020-03-04 18:13:03 -0600
  • jordan eby
    signed via 2020-02-19 09:29:20 -0600
  • Alexan Martin-Eichner
    signed via 2020-02-18 22:31:26 -0600
  • Lillian Erickson
    signed via 2020-02-18 20:42:38 -0600
  • noah lepawsky
    @noahlep tweeted link to this page. 2020-02-18 12:18:08 -0600
    Sign the letter to Governor Pritzker telling him to free incarcerated survivors of police torture.
  • Noah Lepawsky
    signed 2020-02-18 12:17:35 -0600
  • Kate Goetz
    signed 2020-02-17 23:34:21 -0600
    Kate Goetz
  • Jaela Hall
    signed via 2020-02-17 15:55:05 -0600
  • Jennifer DiFederico
    signed 2020-02-17 07:48:50 -0600
  • Daisy Jones
    signed via 2020-02-16 15:54:41 -0600
  • Sam Meisfjord
    signed via 2020-02-16 00:14:52 -0600
  • Michael Aaron
    signed 2020-02-15 10:50:23 -0600
  • Emma Marsano
    signed via 2020-02-15 10:41:29 -0600
  • Chloe Kenning
    signed via 2020-02-15 09:33:31 -0600
  • Joella Tepper
    signed via 2020-02-15 09:19:47 -0600
  • Zhenya Polozova
    signed via 2020-02-15 08:02:08 -0600
  • Ab Weeks
    signed via 2020-02-14 23:57:32 -0600
  • Clare Briggs
    signed via 2020-02-14 19:25:11 -0600