TAKE ACTION NOW! We must defend the right to vote!

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The Right to Vote is the Heart of Democracy. Republican efforts to suppress the vote and overturn valid elections are daggers in the heart of democracy. Pass HR4, the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, HR1, the For the People Act, and S2747, the Freedom to Vote Act!

The right to vote is under attack in the United States. The attack is led by Donald Trump and the Republican Party. The attack is exclusively on Black people, Latinx people, and poor white people and their right to vote. They must be stopped, now, before they are able to take over the U. S. Senate and House this year. This is urgent. Democracy is on the line!

Learn more about Empowering communities For Public Safety (ECPS) and get involved in the new phase of struggle!

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Only we can stop CPD!

On July 21st, we won the Empowering Communities for Public Safety ordinance in City Council!

While we recognize this victory by the people for the people, we will continue to fight in laying the pathway for community control of the police in Chicago. Find out more about our next steps in the campaign by reading below.

Join the weekly ECPS Study zoom calls to learn more about ECPS and how to get plugged in to organizing to put it into effect! This study will be held each Saturday at 10am.

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About us

Since 1973, when it was born from the movement to free Angela Davis and all political prisoners, the Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression has defended the rights of oppressed people in Illinois and around the world.


We defend the civil liberties of workers, activists, and prisoners. We struggle against white supremacy, the

prison-industrial complex, and state violence. We demand community control of the police and full representation for Black people and other poor and oppressed people at all levels of government.

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