GERALD REED, 12/11/2020

Ladies and gentlemen my name is Gerald Reed. I am incarcerated at Stateville, a horrible place that I wouldn't want nobody to have to live, especially up under the conditions of these wrongfully convicted.

COVID has hit so hard here, so many lives have died, people are suffering, here you have to deal with another stage of what people don't talk about a lot, mental illness.

Right now Gerald is in an overstay of hospital, well  two floors down, mentally ill individuals, yelling all day banging all night, throwing feces, throwing urine and you got the smell it’s like you in a cage. Been dealing with this for 8 months. 

Trying to duck the covids. It’s what it is or fight-fight off the covids. It’s the choice of smelling somebody else’s urine, somebody else’s boo boo. I hope I’m not disturbing anybody’s meal while I’m saying this here but I want the world to know how Gerald is living and how those who don’t have a voice are living. It’s very sad to see some of these mental ill individuals get treated like they’re animals because they don’t have their right state of mind and if covids were to just hit them they would just end up just dying because they can’t speak for themselves. 

You got staff members that’s dying as we speak. Two people died yesterday; staff members. They put it on the radio but what about the prisoners? What if that prisoner was innocent and then he died trying to prove his innocence. That’s why Gerald speaks out. That’s one reason why Gerald fight like he fights. This is not about me. This is about those like me. I just use my platform to set-set the stage for others whose mothers have to cry, whose mothers have to sit here and beg and plead about is their son ok. I talked to a mother today and she was like they would not even tell her what’s wrong with her son. 

What is wrong with the system? The system is steadily destroying our communities and then our communities are destroying each other. With the youths killing each other. There’s no guidance, there's no instructions. When there was instructions it was like “aww we got to get rid of these guys and put them in the feds”. Now they-they wouldn’t have never. Senators, aldermans, state representatives and even the Governor has said it. We shouldn’t have started this here racketeering because look at the outbreak of it. We have no control over the kids, over the youths. I’m not gonna praise gangs. I’m not saying I praise leaders because at some point those leaders did lead to some extent to lead them to not do bad to the communities but the only thing I understand what was wrong with that was the drugs. The drugs actually killed our community. 

Now I done went to several areas in this conversation from the covids to the mental ill to societies where our youths, our leaders come to where I live right now in prison, Stateville. 

I ask you all to come together to stand for one cause. Everybody’s not innocent but think about those that are. They don’t deserve to be here. So I ask you all, let's make a stand. I’m willing to make the first stand for those that are wrongfully convicted. I Gerald Reed stand for something or less I will fall for nothing and I will die for this if it takes that. I love you all and everyone who stands up for injustice brutal beatings out there in the streets killings by police out there in the streets. I stand please stand  please stand with me. I know I’m not alone. Thank you family of the Alliance. Thank you mother justice.