Prisoner Rights - Injustice To One Threatens Injustice To All!

We have no illusion that we can bring justice to a fundamentally unjust system simply by calling attention to its serious violations of human rights.  Our goal has always been to organize prisoners and their families and friends into a broad democratic movement that involves the whole community. An injustice to one threatens injustice to all.  It is only through a mass movement engaged in mass political struggle that change will come.

The Alliance Campaign

We intervene directly in emergency medical cases and press for immediate action on the part of Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) medical staff and medical contractors.

We intervene directly in cases of brutality and crimes committed by staff against prisoners and press for immediate restorative action on the part of IDOC staff.

We have and will testify before State Legislative Committee hearings concerning these problems. 

Proposal for an independent Medical Ombudsman over the IDOC medical system

Working with correctional health care experts and broad community forces we put forward a proposal for a Medical Ombudsman over the IDOC medical system. This proposal wants IDOC to separate prisoner medical grievances from the mass of everyday grievances filed and fast track them into a different healthcare system, independent of IDOC medical staff.

Get involved!

We need volunteers like you to help us with these and other activities to support our Prisoner Rights campaigns.

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