Support CPAC into the Run Offs!

The 2019 Chicago Municipal election has created a breakthrough for the movement for community control of the police and for an end to police crimes. The CPAC banner now is carried by 60,000 supporters, 40 organizations, and 68 candidates for City Council. Of those, 11 were elected, and 14 entered into a run-off. 

This is a historic moment in our struggle to end police impunity. We are committed as individuals to making sure that the CPAC candidates win in the run-offs. We have a duty to fight for justice, and to put an end to police terror in Chicago. We're asking for your support, as we take this movement for the democratic right of the people to decide how and by whom their communities are policed to the next level. 

Can you make a contribution to our organization as we enter the home stretch of the Chicago elections? 

Your support will help us continue our work - we use every dollar we earn, and we do not rely on massive philanthropic grants or corporate funding. Your donation will cover our door knocking efforts (paying for printing, pens, clipboards, buttons, stickers), help us organize rallies and demonstrations (purchasing signs, renting a generator for sound equipment, water to give out to the crowd), and carry us through April 2nd. 

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