Stop Police Crimes - Enact CPAC for Community Control

CPAC stands for Civilian Police Accountability Council.  Our CPAC ordinance currently in the public safety committee in Chicago City Hall and, if enacted, it will create a democratically elected Council to oversee the Chicago Police Department.

Police are supposed to protect and serve the community, but right now in Chicago all the power belongs to the mayor and the police union.  We need CPAC so the community has THE voice in who polices us and how we're policed. 

The Council will have one member from each police district, directly elected by you.  They're only allowed to accept campaign contributions from within their district.

The council will have many important responsibilities, and broad authority to carry them out.  For example:

  • Hire the superintendent
  • Negotiate the union contract
  • Investigate misconduct, including subpoena power
  • Discipline officers when necessary, with the ability to convene a grand jury

The Alliance Campaign

We've been working for the passage of the CPAC bill in a variety of ways:

  • We staff sidewalk tables around the city every weekend to educate the public and collect postcards for our aldermen.
  • We collect petitions from local businesses in support of CPAC.
  • We run community events to provide in-depth educate around the systemic problem of police crime and the systemic solution of CPAC.
  • We protest police crimes like those that happened to LaQuan McDonald, and show support at court dates for police victims
  • We meet with our aldermen to educate them about the legislation and its public support.

Get involved!

We need volunteers like you to help us with these and other activities to support the CPAC legislation.

Learn more about volunteering with the Alliance »