Empowering communities For Public Safety (ECPS)

The coalitions behind the Civilian Police Accountability Council (CPAC) and Grassroots Alliance for Police  Accountability (GAPA) ordinances have united and created an ordinance to transform policing in Chicago.  The two coalitions represent more than 100 organizations and tens of thousands of people. Hundreds of  community members from neighborhoods across the city were directly involved in creating the ordinance  that integrates the best thinking on police reform in Chicago and gives Chicago communities a powerful  voice in determining what policing looks like. Aldermen who have led efforts for reform have been deeply  involved, and the coalitions and aldermanic leaders are working to ensure that there is City Council  support for the change Chicago needs. 


The Empowering Communities for Public Safety (ECPS) Coalition has released the following statement:

We are pleased that the Committee on Public Safety has voted to advance the Empowering Communities for Public Safety (ECPS) ordinance, setting up a critical vote on Wednesday, July 21 before the full City Council.

The People of Chicago have long demanded transformative changes to the city's systems of policing and public safety. As a coalition, whose members have been in this fight for years and in some cases, decades, we are excited to see our vision become a reality, in which community members themselves have the power to shape how policing happens in their neighborhoods.

The coalitions behind the CPAC and GAPA ordinances worked separately for years advocating for real police accountability. In early 2021, we came together to create the ECPS ordinance, which took the best parts of each of our ordinances and expanded our movement of supporters to includes tens of thousands of Chicago residents, hundreds of community organizations, and aldermen across the city, including endorsements form the Black, Latino, and Progressive Caucuses.

As a result of the strength and breath of this movement, our coalition was approached by members of Mayor Lightfoot's office last week seeking to negotiate a compromise ordinance. We began a weekend of negotiations based on teheECPS ordinance and came to an agreement that embodies all of our coalition's fundamental priorities and will be a giant leap forward in creating safer communities.

We express gratitude to the negotiating team who worked to finalize this agreement, and to the aldermen who worked with our community members to shepherd it through. We encourage aldermen to vote to pass the ECPS ordinance at  the July 21 City Council vote.

Members of the community are invited to join us for a coalition celebration July 21 at the Thompson Center at 3pm, following the city council vote!

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