Jon Burge was one example of a torture detective, but he trained many more, and there are others he didn’t train who have used similar tactics throughout their careers. Most of these detectives worked together to torture, frame, and wrongfully convict survivors.

Slide through view the detectives.

Many of these detectives remain alive, free, receiving pensions and some still on the force. Cops who have engaged in these practices at any point in their career do not deserve to have their “investigations” respected. All cases in which cops who have an established pattern and practice of torture were involved should be immediately vacated, released, and given new trials. 


So far, we have identified 223 exonerated cases of torture involving these 22 detectives. It is unacceptable for a police officer to have even one count of wrongful conviction on their sheet. The graphics below show the statistics for each of the most heinous detectives’ involvement in torture and wrongful conviction.


Each dot in the web below represents a torture detective. Every branch between two dots represents an incident of torture that involved the detectives at each end. After the web has loaded, click within the frame and scroll up and down to zoom in and out. Click on a dot to highlight all of the connections for the selected torture detective. 

Detective web will load after a couple minutes, please allow for full data to appear.

You can find the lists of known survivors tortured by detectives below, along with the detectives they worked with in each case to wrongfully convict these survivors.

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