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In response to Chicago’s long history of torture, activists, family members, and survivors have chosen to organize, share their stories and make the issue public in the media.


Get involved by reading the CFIST Report on Torture and taking action

with us to demand the pardoning of all torture survivors. 


THere is a long history of
Police Torture in Chicago


We demand that the Governor pardon all torture survivors immediately, and that the State’s Attorney move to vacate their convictions.

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Beyond those whose cases have been reviewed by the TIRC, there are countless more victims of torture and wrongful conviction at the hands

of the Chicago Police Department.


So far, we have identified 223 exonerated cases of torture involving these 22 detectives. It is unacceptable for a police officer to have even one count of wrongful conviction on their sheet.


The graphics below show the statistics for each of the most heinous detectives’ involvement in torture and wrongful conviction.




To the States Attorney's Office:

That the State’s Attorney immediately move to vacate

convictions for all those framed, tortured and wrongfully convicted, particularly cases involving detectives where

an established pattern of torture, forced confession and

wrongful convictions holds, as clearly outlined in our Report on the Pattern and Practice of Torture and Wrongful Conviction by CPD Detectives.

To the Governor:

That the Governor immediately grant pardons for all

those whose cases have been deemed credible cases

of torture by the governor-appointed Torture Inquiry

and Relief Commission (TIRC).


Sign the letter
to the office of the States Attorney

Sign the letter
to Governor Pritzker

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